Origin update adds TwitchTV in-built live streaming

EA has teamed up with game broadcasting network to offer Origin users the ability to broadcast gaming sessions live to Twitch channels.


Electronic Arts has partnered with video game broadcasting network Twitch to bring in-built live-streaming functionality to its Origin client.

Origin is partnering with TwitchTV.
Origin is partnering with TwitchTV.

The partnership will allow Origin users to broadcast their gaming sessions live, directly to their Twitch channel. It will be implemented as part of the latest Origin update, which is scheduled to be rolled out in the coming days.

The update--which, according to EA, has been implemented due to user suggestions and feedback received by the publisher in the last few months--will also allow users to add non-Origin games to their libraries in the client. Users will be able to launch (and broadcast) all their games from one location.

The update will first be rolled out to Origin users who opted in for beta updates, and will be going live to all users shortly afterwards. EA said that the Origin Twitch feature is still in beta, and will be rolling out further Twitch services and functionality in future Origin updates.

The Origin update also includes smaller tweaks, including a more responsive friends list that will accommodate long IDs, status updates, and real names; displaying recently-played games in the Origin task bar; improvement in the overall client performance with faster loading times; and a built-in feedback survey.

EA first announced that it was asking for fan feedback on Origin in May. It rolled out the Origin client update 9.0 in July.

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