Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition Set for PC and Xbox One Release

Microsoft announces release date for expanded platform game; Features new area to explore and manoeuvres.


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A new remastered version of the acclaimed indie adventure Ori and the Blind Forest will ship on PC and Xbox One from March 11, Microsoft has announced.

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Known as the Definitive Edition, this upgrade to the hit 2015 platformer will come with what is described as a "sizable" new world to play in, called Black Root Burrows.

"There is a great story sequence throughout Black Root Burrows where you’re discovering the past of Naru, the mother character," said executive producer Mark Coates in an interview with the Microsoft-owned blog Xbox Wire.

He continued: "You discover her roots, where she came from, and you learn a bit more about her as a character and why maybe she is compelled to do some of the things that she does later on in the game. It's all interwoven with the already-existing story."

Meanwhile, the new version will come packaged with an expanded theatre mode, which strings together the game's cut-scenes and cinematic moments.

"Not only will you be able to view all of the cut-scenes, but now you will be able to see early concept material from the game, trailers, and some other really cool content in theatre mode," Coates added.

A new move--the dash--is added to Ori's repertoire, which can be merged with the original game's range of moves and jumps. A new attack manoeuvre has been added too, known as the Light Burst, which has been described as "more or less a grenade."

Also, a new easy difficulty setting has been added.

Ori and the Blind Forest was ranked by GameSpot as the seventh best game overall in 2015, making it the highest ranked Xbox One game of the year.

GameSpot's Ori and the Blind Forest review was glowing, with critic Kevin VanOrd concluding: "It's important not to mistake Ori and the Blind Forest for being simply beautiful. It certainly is--but it is also unceasingly clever. It consistently surprises you with new tricks: gravitational divergences, new ways to move through its spaces, and carefully designed levels that require you to think quickly and respond."

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