Order & Chaos Online earns $1 million within 20 days

iPhone/iPad massively multiplayer online role-playing game also has first update in June.


Order & Chaos Online

It's a well-known fact that World of Warcraft is a popular game that's worth a lot of money. Naturally, an iPhone or iPad game that's more or less a clone of that popular MMORPG would probably experience the same kind of success. Gameloft recently announced that its latest game, Order & Chaos Online, has made $1 million within the first 20 days of the app's release.

WOW look-alike + iPad = profit.
WOW look-alike + iPad = profit.

The mobile-game-producing company also mentioned that an update of the game is on the way and will be scheduled for June. These additions include new quests, a dedicated chat channel for each language, and a server migration service. Additional updates are also planned, with more new dungeons and player vs. player arenas on the way. Gameloft has yet to announce the release month of these updates.

Order & Chaos Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game tailor-made for the iPhone and iPad. Players get to choose between two factions that contain two races to pick from and more than 500 quests to complete within the game's world. The game is available now on the iTunes store.

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