Operation wargame series coming this year

Infogrames unveils three World War II arcade-style games: Operation Tiger Hunt, Operation Steel Tide, and Operation War in the Pacific.


Infogrames has announced three new games in its Operation arcade-style wargame series: Operation Tiger Hunt, Operation Steel Tide, and Operation War in the Pacific. All three games are set during World War II, and they are scheduled for release later this year for an approximate retail price of $19.99 each. The first game in the series, Operation Blockade, was released last month.

Operation Tiger Hunt lets players assume control of an M4 Sherman tank in a battle against German forces. Missions will take place in villages, beaches, and farms. The game is in development at Digital Fusion, and it is scheduled for release in August.

Operation Steel Tide lets players assume the role of the captain of a classified World War II-era submarine. They will undertake a series of mission set in the Pacific's canyon mazes, underwater caves, harbors, and open seas. The game, which combines action and strategy elements, is being developed by Screaming Games for release in September.

Operation War in the Pacific will let players defend the American fleet from Japanese attacks in a series of battles among the Pacific islands. The rotating 3D gallery shooter will include a number of historical battles, including Midway, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. The game is in development at Running Dog Software and is scheduled for release in November.

We'll post more information about the games as it becomes available.

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