Operation Flashpoint upgrade available

The latest update to Codemasters' tactical action game improves the game's multiplayer mode and adds new vehicles, weapons, and missions.


Codemasters has released a new upgrade for its popular Cold War-era tactical action game, Operation Flashpoint. The upgrade brings the game to v1.3, and it adds a number of new features to the game. It includes four new weapons--the G36A, the Bizon, the Steyr Aug A1, and the M16 with optics--as well as new vehicles such as the BRDM, the BMP-2, the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, and the Bradley. The upgrade also features five new single-player missions and four new multiplayer missions, as well as a number of improvements to the game's multiplayer mode. The 33MB upgrade is now available for download from the official Codemasters Web site.

Operation Flashpoint was developed by Bohemia Interactive and released in August. For more information, take a look at our full review of the game.

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