Operation Flashpoint: Resistance announced

An expansion pack for Codemasters' modern tactical combat game is coming this summer.


Codemasters has announced Operation Flashpoint: Resistance, its upcoming expansion pack for the popular modern-day tactical combat game Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. The expansion will add a new island area, a new campaign, and new weapons and vehicles to the original game.

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance is set years before the original game. Players assume the role of an ex-Special Forces soldier who leads a resistance against the Soviet invasion of the island of Nogova. Since the campaign takes place before US forces arrive at the islands, players must scavenge equipment and build a resistance army from whatever sources they can find. In addition to the new single-player campaign, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance will include a number of new multiplayer missions.

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance is being developed at Bohemia Interactive, the studio that created the original game. The expansion pack is scheduled for release in June.

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