Opening Hearthstone Card Packs Is About To Get More Pleasant

Duplicates are on the decline.

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Much in the same way that Blizzard just announced some changes to Overwatch's Loot Boxes, the developer has now revealed adjustments to opening card packs in Hearthstone. And like those in Overwatch, they're definitely tweaks for the better.

These changes won't be implemented until the release of the next expansion, whenever that might be. In the video above, game director Ben Brode runs through two of the key changes involving Legendary cards. With the update, any Legendary obtained--from any card pack--is guaranteed to be one you don't already own. This means you can craft Legendaries without then worrying that same card is going to pop up in a card pack you open. Additionally, you're guaranteed to receive one Legendary by opening 10 packs from a new set.

In addition to this, duplicates will be less of an issue within individual card packs. A pack will no longer yield more copies of a card than you can use in a deck, so you'll be limited to receiving no more than two of the same card from one pack.

Alongside this news, Blizzard has announced a sale on card packs from the most recent expansion, Journey to Un'Goro. For a limited time, you'll get extra packs depending on how many you purchase--you'll get nine for the price of seven, 20 for the price of 15, and so on. Here's the full rundown, but take note that the 60-pack option can only be purchased on PC:

  • 7 packs + 2 packs = 9 packs total
  • 15 packs + 5 packs = 20 packs total
  • 40 packs + 12 packs = 52 packs total
  • 60 packs + 18 packs = 78 packs total

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