Open-World Dynasty Warriors 9 Confirmed For PS4

Famitsu reveals more details on the upcoming hack-and-slash title.


The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed more details about Dynasty Warriors 9, the newest entry in Koei Tecmo's feudal hack-and-slash franchise.

Branded as a "rebirth" for the series, Dynasty Warriors 9 differs from previous installments in a number of notable ways. For the first time in the series' history, the title features an open-world setting. Players travel around the map primarily by horseback, though you'll be able to fast travel to areas you've previously visited as well. Players can also capture castles in a number of different ways thanks to the game's open world; you can now approach castles from behind, for example, and launch a surprise attack from higher ground.

Gematsu has provided a rundown of the new details revealed in Famitsu. Rather than being broken up into individual stages, battles in Dynasty Warriors 9 now unfold at different points on the map depending upon the era you're in. Completing "main missions" will cause the story to advance through different time periods, though the developers have stated these missions have a "high degree of difficulty." Players can complete ancillary missions to make them easier. Series developer Omega Force is also considering letting players switch between generals, though the feature hasn't been confirmed. Regardless of what character you control, however, everyone can now use bows for long-range attacks.

Omega Force is implementing a number of new mechanics in the title as well. One example are context-sensitive actions that vary depending upon your surroundings, such as a grappling hook that lets players climb when near a wall or mountain. The game also employs a more dynamic weather system, which will have a bearing on the gameplay; rain, for instance, will decrease enemies' visibility, allowing you to sneak up on foes.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is in development for PS4, though Koei Tecmo has yet to reveal an exact release date. According to Famitsu, the title is roughly 40% complete, so the developer doesn't expect it to launch for some time yet.

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