Open-World Dragon's Dogma Online Revealed for PS4, PS3, PC

Free-to-play game launching later this year; read on for the first details.

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Capcom has announced a brand-new Dragon's Dogma game, Dragon's Dogma Online. Due out in 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC, the open-world game is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions.

Capcom is putting some of its top people on the project, as Ace Attorney veteran Minae Matsukawa is producing Dragon's Dogma Online while longtime Resident Evil developer Hiroyuki Kobayashi is working on the game as its executive producer.

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As detailed by Gematsu, Dragon's Dogma Online sees players taking on the role of an "Awakened" character in a new region called Lestaria. Players will journey through the world in four-member parties made up of either of other humans or AI-controlled characters. A "Quick Matching" feature is also included.

Like other online-based games, Dragon's Dogma Online will also feature chat and party functionality, while the game's lobbies will support up to 100 people.

Similar to the original Dragon's Dogma (2012) and its follow-up, Dark Arisen (2013), Dragon's Dogma Online's combat will see players squaring off against hulking enemies, and monsters can become enraged, meaning their attacks will grow in power over time.

The four "jobs" confirmed for Dragon's Dogma Online are Fighter, Hunter, Priest, and Shied Sage. Players can change their job association at will.

What's more, Dragon's Dogma Online also features upgrades to the franchise's character creation system, giving players more choice regarding how they want to build a unique character.

Capcom plans to support Dragon's Dogma Online post-release by releasing major updates that expand the game's open world with new areas to explore and missions to take on. Teased for future updates are eight-player missions and limited-time quests.

Dragon's Dogma Online was announced in the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. It is unclear if Capcom plans to release the game in the US or Europe. We'll have those details for you as they become available.

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