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Oops: Square Enix Launches Dragon Quest 4 as "Dargon Quest" on iOS [Update]

Hilarious typo results in a Twitter game.

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Update: After being released (App Store link) in the US with the same Dargon Quest name, Square Enix was forced to release an update to the app in order to fix its name. The game now shows up as Dragon Quest IV, as it should. The 1.0.1 update notes, sadly, make no mention of this: Square Enix says the update is simply a "Bug Fix."

Original Story: Square Enix continues its trend of releasing classic RPGs for mobile platforms, but with its latest release, it's made a hilarious mistake.

Dragon Quest IV is the latest such game to get the mobile treatment, but, at least for the time being, it won't be found under that name. Instead, the game has somehow made it to the iOS App Store under the name Dargon Quest IV.

The DS version of Dragon Quest IV.
The DS version of Dragon Quest IV.

Inevitably, this resulted in a game of sorts on Twitter, with people giving similar treatment to the titles of other games. Many of these are being submitted with the hashtag DargonQuestMyGame. Some of the best so far include Pegleg (Peggle), Scared 2 (Sacred 2), and Valkyrie Prolife (Valkyrie Profile).

Dragon Quest IV has not yet been released on the United States App Store; it's currently available in New Zealand, which typically means it will be out in the US and other countries tonight. (We'll have to see if the typo gets fixed by then.) An Android release for the game is also planned.

The app's description notes what you're buying is the full game; it hasn't been divided up into DLC packages or had microtransactions added to it. That will reassure some fans, while others will no doubt balk at playing the game on mobile platforms. If that's the case, you're in luck; Dragon Quest IV is also available on NES, PlayStation, and DS, provided you have some older hardware still laying around.

This isn't the only trouble Square Enix has had with spelling today--its latest earnings report (PDF) refers to Murdered: Soul Suspect as "Muredered; Soul Suspect."

What's the best Dargon Quest-esque name for a game you can come up with? Share yours in the comments below.

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