Ooblets Roadmap Reveals A Year Of New Content And Release Date Window

Indie developer Glumberland has big plans for Ooblets through 2020 and beyond.


Ooblets developer Glumberland has launched a roadmap for its farming and card-based dance battles game. Currently in early access on PC and Xbox One, Glumberland plans to spend the next year building up to a full release, which will be in mid-late 2021. "These are some of our current goals but not promises about our schedule," the studio wrote in a new blog post. "Things always take way longer than you might expect so we could be way off on these estimates. We'll try to adjust the schedule as we get a better idea of things."

September will see the launch of the Nullwhere Update, which will add a new region to visit, new ooblets to collect, more crops, and new recipes. While players have been able to win Nullwhere ooblets through Dance Barn tournaments, the versions available in their home region will include rare and gleamy critters. New clothes are also on the September docket, but Glumberland says that this feature could also be released a month later instead.

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As for October, a small scavenger hunt is being considered as part of a proposed Halloween event, while December will add the Wildlands update to Ooblets. This region will allow you to retrieve ooblets you've rehomed there previously, and small lore items might also be added to the update. Early 2021 will introduce the Port Forward update, another region, new clothing, and furniture. By the middle of 2021, Secret major update v0.7 will add another new stretch of land to explore and a continuation of the meta story. By late 2021, Glumberland will be ready to launch Ooblets as a fully realized game.

You can read the official roadmap from Glumberland below:

Ooblets Roadmap

July 2020

  • Launch! Our launch version was 0.3.42
  • We somehow managed to make 25 patches in the month following release!

September 2020

  • Our first major content update, the v0.4 Nullwhere Update!
  • Nullwhere will finally be a visitable region with associated ooblets, new crops, and new recipes.
  • The ooblets in Nullwhere will be ones you've already been able to get through winning Dance Barn tournaments, but now you'll be able to find uncommon and gleamy versions, too! We'll also hopefully have new custom movesets for them, as well.
  • We might put some new clothes in here as well, but might also push that to October as part of a Halloween event.

October 2020

  • Not sure what it will be yet, but we'll hopefully have some sort of small Halloween event, like a scavenger hunt!

December 2020

  • The Wildlands Update, v0.5 with an accessible Wildlands where you can retrieve ooblets you've rehomed there previously.
  • It might also be cool to have some snowy weather features added!
  • We have a bunch of small lore items written out but not implemented that we'll try to include in this update, too.

Early 2021

  • The Port Forward Update, v0.6 with Port Forward as a visitable region and new clothes, furniture, and decor

Early/ mid 2021

  • Secret major update v0.7 with an unannounced new region and continuation of the meta story

Mid/ late 2021

  • 1.0 Full launch! With a new unannounced visitable region and continuation/conclusion of the meta story

For more, you can read GameSpot's Ooblets early access review, which praises the cheerful attitude and colorful style of the game.

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