Onlite to market Zuxxez games

The German game company signs a worldwide marketing deal with a new partner.


Knights and Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom
Earth 2150
World War III: Black Gold

Zuxxez Entertainment AG has announced a worldwide marketing agreement with German marketing company Onlite GmbH for its PC games. The deal will let the game company focus on producing new games while letting Onlite handle the global marketing of the games.

"Onlite is the perfect fit in our long-term strategy of concentrating on the production of exciting new titles," said Dirk P. Hassinger of Zuxxez. "Our expectations for the global market are very high, and we are thrilled to have found a partner that best suits these expectations."

Zuxxez is the company behind the recent real-time strategy game World War III: Black Gold , as well as numerous other games including World War III: Black Gold , World War III: Black Gold , and World War III: Black Gold .

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