Online viewership for Proleague triples in Korea reports that both online viewership, as well as in-person attendees tripled in first round of the SK Proleague in comparison to the numbers last year.


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Whilst KT Rolster exited the first round of the SK Proleague in a triumphant 4-0 sweep against their rivals SKT T1, courtesy of Joo 'Zest' Sung Wook, the real story of the Proleague is the attraction the tournament has attracted. According to, Korean online viewership was tripled in comparison to last year.

The number of viewers Proleague's dedicated TV-channel, SPOTV Games attracted were not released, and we can only speculate as to why the increase in viewers occured. However, one possible conclusion could be the recent re-work of the Blizzard Arcade, and SC2 Starter Edition, where any custom game map can be accessed by anyone with said edition of the game.

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