Online Ninja Gaiden tournament unmasked

The Xbox Live "Master Ninja Tournament" will feature a worldwide championship at next year's X04.


Late today, Tecmo unveiled a new Xbox Live component for its upcoming action game Ninja Gaiden.

Any Xbox Live user who completes Ninja Gaiden will be eligible to register for The Master Ninja Tournament, which is a worldwide online championship that will kick off at this year's E3 in May. Practice missions will be offered to entrants starting one month before the three-round competition begins. Competitors will first fight other players in their areas, and rankings will be posted on an Xbox Live leaderboard. Winners will be determined by the top rankings in each round.

The Master Ninja Tournament will culminate in a World Master Ninja Finals held in September at X04 in Europe, where international players with the best scores from all three levels will be flown. More information on The Master Ninja Tournament will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

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