Onimusha, Resident Evil box sets for Japan

An Onimusha trilogy set for the PlayStation 2 and a Resident Evil two-pack for the GameCube will hit Japan on December 22.


TOKYO--Japanese retailers are reporting that Capcom will release two special box sets on December 22 in Japan. For the PlayStation 2, the company will issue a special Onimusha box set that will contain all three games in the trilogy, as well as an Onimusha 3 strategy guide, for the price of 7,300 yen ($69).

GameCube owners will be able to purchase a special Resident Evil two-pack that includes the GameCube remake of the first Resident Evil, as well as the latest title in the series, Resident Evil 0. The playable demo of Resident Evil 4 that was previously released in Japanese gaming magazines will also be included. The price for the set will be 4,980 yen ($47).

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