Oni Kicks Macworld

Bungie's upcoming high-kicking action shooter shows off its kung fu at Macworld.


Later this year, Anime fans are finally going to get a title that actually looks and plays like a real anime movie, with Bungie's anime-inspired action-adventure, Oni. The company has completed a good deal of the game and is actually showcasing the game in San Francisco at Macworld this week.

As gamers have noticed with the game through its development, Oni is a highly refined third-person shooter with highly detailed models and architect-designed levels. The game still has a few months left to go as the West Coast development team smoothes out the single-player portion of the game, but Bungie was able to set up four Mac G3s to give Macworld attendees the chance to battle it out against each other. Oni's levels have a very modern, almost Macross look to them, and they have an industrialized feel, rich color palette, moody lighting, and hints of transparent walks ways a la Unreal and electrically static megamachines a la Half-Life.

But Oni is unique, with more balanced gameplay than other shooters, as there are fewer weapons and a realistic amount of ammo strewn throughout its levels. In fact, the game will have levels where players will have to use their hands and feet to progress. And if Konoco, the game's main character, runs out of ammo, she'll have to use her feet and hands to get herself out of trouble.

Bungie has chosen not to show Halo at this Macworld in order to prepare for a full-on assault at E3. And for gamers looking for more information about Oni and Halo from Macworld via Bungie TV, the site has had some technical glitches, which should be fixed soon.

In other news, Bungie's minister of information, Doug Zartman, has recently become the father of a new baby boy, whom he says he is going to bring up as the ultimate gamer. Be afraid.

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