Oni Character Details

Bungie releases more information about its upcoming action game.


Bungie Software and Gathering of Developers have released more information about the characters that will be found in their upcoming action game Oni. The futuristic anime-style 3D game features hand-to-hand fighting and fast-paced gunfights. Players assume the role of Konoko, a member of the Tech Crimes Task Force charged with infiltrating and eliminating a dangerous crime syndicate.

Through the course of the game, Konoko will encounter a variety of characters. Shinatama, Konoko's main sidekick, is rumored to be a robot controlled by a supercomputer. Griffin is the chief of police, and he's in charge of the Tech Crimes Task Force. Muro is the leader of the "Evil Crime Syndicate," and he has a number of minions to do his bidding, such as the Tanker, the heavily armed Elite Striker, and the alert Communications Striker, who will sound the alarm at the slightest provocation. In addition, the game features snipers who wait quietly in the shadows and ninjas, the fastest and most agile characters in the game.

Gathering of Developers and Bungie Software plan to release more information about the game closer to its scheduled release date in January 2001. For more information about Oni, take a look at our collection of previews, movies, and screenshots.

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