Ong-Bak director working on new Tekken movie [UPDATE]

Actor Kane Kosugi says he will not in fact appear in a new Tekken movie.

The 2010 Tekken movie. Image credit: .Movieman's Guide
The 2010 Tekken movie. Image credit: .Movieman's Guide

[UPDATE] Actor Kane Kosugi says on his website that he will not in fact appear in a new Tekken movie, but instead a non-Tekken movie with the temporary title Agent X.

The original story is below.

It looks like the critically panned live action Tekken movie is getting a prequel.

According to Japanese film site Cinema Today (translated via Kotaku), Tekken - A Man Called X will take place before the events of the 2010 original.

Prachya Pinkaew, previously responsible for Ong-Bak and The Protector, is lined up to direct the film.

Kane Kosugi is also said to be starring in the film. Kosugi also played Ryu in the Dead or Alive movie, a film that is mostly remembered for a scene where a nearly-naked Holly Valance beats up a host of assailants.

The original Tekken movie went straight-to-DVD in the US when it made its way over in 2011.

Tekken - A Man Called X joins a suite of other video games in the process of being adapted into movies, such as a new Hitman, Need for Speed, and Assassin's Creed.

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Avatar image for jack_burton9456

Give me some kick ass fight scenes and I'm in!

Avatar image for mos2000

Prachya Pinkaew is a Martial Arts directing genius - Even his bad movies are good. The best in the game right now. He will make this definitely worth watching.

Avatar image for rarson

If you're talking about Ong Bak 3, then yes, it can.

If you're talking about Ong Bak, then no, it's not possible.

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Okay well The Ong-Bak trilogy has some of the best Martial Arts in cinema so hopefully this movie will have some really good fighting scenes if not anything else.

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Surely they'd be better off forgetting about the last movie altogether?

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Yes yes they would.

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Just make a CGI movie which has every character in Tekken history fight each other in an iron fist tournament...y'know, like the game. I'm sure people will love it.

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This presumably means that the fight choreography will be decent, but it was in DOA and people still rubbish that, though interestingly I've never read a critique of DOA that can actually give a reason why it's 'bad'. Kosugi has a good pedigree, his father, Sho Kosugi, was basically the Ninja in every 80's Ninja movie ever.

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Means nothing if the cast looks nothing like the characters. At least make them look somewhat recognizable. Heck, Cosplayers sometimes look exactly like the characters, go there and see if some of them have acting and fighting experience and you may have something.

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instead of following up that sequel bait ending,they will make a prequel?they just don't really care,do they?

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Ok, now hire Tony Jaa and I'll take a look.

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Ooh he can play Marshall Law.

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Hopefully the direct of the first one and not Ong Bak 2 or 3. They were soooooo bad.

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Well as far as fighting went Ong-Bak was pretty damn good, but I wonder how much of that comes down to Tony Jaa's awesome skills.

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i'm not a fan of movie based on video-game but i'm pretty sure that 'Prachya Pinkeaw known what he's doing.

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Damn would these assholes stop ruining great gaming franchises by making them into corny movies still till this day the only ones to get it right was the 1st mortal kombat. But they won't do live action to mimics series...the director has to give us his own vision which is poor. How about not wasting money on this movie and pouring all the resources into Tekken 7 and tekkenxsf.

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I want a Tekken movie by the Wackoski Brothers.

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FYI. One of those brothers is a sister now...

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> wwwwhhhhaaaaAAAAAAAAA??!!

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That... picture... from the video... looks like... Lars is fucking Eddy

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I'm confident in Prachya Pinkaew. I loved the Ong-Bak movies. It would be pretty sweet if he has a role for Tony Jaa in mind.

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Tekken the Movie is one of the best game adaptation movies. Did you see the KoF movie?

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no thank you (i'm thai )

i'm disappoint "Where my elephant 2 " very much

Action scene ok but story and cg suck


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Would have had a chance if Tony Jaa was in it.

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Liam Nesson movie?

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