One-Shot Snipers Return In Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 For Season 3

Major changes will arrive with Season 3, including the return of Plunder mode and one-shot sniper rifles.


Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 arrives on April 12, and a new blog post from Activision details some of the big changes players can expect, including lootable perk packages, one-shot snipers, and the return of Plunder mode.

One of the changes players will be most excited about is the sniper rifle buff confirmed for Season 3. Snipers have been a bit underpowered in Warzone 2, but the blog confirms the return of one-shot sniper rifles. The publisher does mention that these snipers will only one-shot under "certain attachment and platform conditions," and it's not mentioned if the weapon change will happen at the launch of Season 3 or the mid-season update.

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Warzone 1's Plunder mode is finally arriving in Season 3. Plunder is a respawn mode where the team with the most cash wins, but a few changes are confirmed for Warzone 2's version of the mode. The Blood Money event returns, but players can expect several new public events as well.

According to the blog, there will be six different public events that can happen during a match:

  • Blood Money: Double Cash is earned for eliminating and looting Operators during a Blood Money event
  • Cannon Fodder: [[REDACTED]]
  • Heat: Blacksites and Strongholds pay out five times their usual reward
  • Contractor: [[REDACTED]]
  • Money Siphon: ATMs around the map pour out an endless Cash supply
  • Choke Hold: [[REDACTED]]

As detailed by the blog, Buy Stations will contain some new items unique to Plunder mode:

  • Credit Card: Save more with the official Bank of Adal Quickscope Card, now with 10% Cash back on any and all purchases! No application or Ranked Skill Division Credit Score necessary, just a small introductory Cash fee
  • Life Insurance: Leave a legacy…until you respawn, that is. Save 50% of your Cash on hand when eliminated by picking up Life Insurance for a small Cash fee
  • Angel Investor: For little Cash down, you can pick up a Top Secret Contract with enhanced payout multiplies for whatever task it presents, in addition to a free UAV

Additionally, Plunder will offer nine unique rewards at launch for completing challenges. These include winning Plunder matches, eliminating AI or human opponents, or just simply just playing matches. The rewards include cosmetic items, such as a vehicle camo, calling cards, and more.

As previously announced, Season 3 will add a Resurgence mode for Al Mazrah, featuring a player count of up to 150 players across various squad sizes. Ashika Island's Redeploy Drones will arrive to Al Mazrah, but Activision says the drones won't be available until April 13, arriving one day after the launch of Season 3. Additionally, the drones in Al Mazrah will not be in the same positions for each match, but they will be "roughly spaced apart" to allow for quick access to numerous locations.

The mid-season "Season 3 Reloaded" update will also add lootable perk packages to Warzone 2. Unlike Warzone 1's single lootable perks, this will be one of Modern Warfare 2's default perk packages. These packages will be found when scavenging supply boxes, or they can be purchased from Buy Stations.

For more on Season 3, check out more details on Modern Warfare 2's big update, including more maps, modes, and a third Raid episode.

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