One of Xbox 360's Best Games, Bastion, Heads to Xbox One; Will Be Free for Some

Bastion arrives on Xbox One in December.


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Action-RPG Bastion, which was originally released as an Xbox Live Arcade game on Xbox 360 in 2011, is headed back to Xbox next month with an Xbox One release.

Developer Supergiant Games announced today that an updated version of Bastion launches for the system on December 12. It'll be available for $15, or if you own the 360 version, you'll be able to download it for free until January 1, 2017. That gives you just under three weeks to claim your free copy.

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Supergiant describes this as a "faithful adaptation" of the original version. It's "been re-built to feel native to the platform," though it doesn't sound as if it's changed in any substantial way. It now runs at 1080p (up from 720p) and offers new Achievements, as well as the Stranger's Dream DLC right out of the gate.

Bastion, which also launched on PC in 2011, was re-released last year for PS4 and Vita. You can read GameSpot's review of that version here and the original version here. It still holds up well--particularly that amazing soundtrack.

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Free for me. :P

Avatar image for fanboyman

Nice! Always wondered if I made the right decision getting the 360 version vs. others, now I feel really good about my purchase!!

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Didnt bought the X360 version but there is now no excuse to miss the X1 version ?

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That's nice and all, but I'd rather you just port Transistor over.

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Never heard of it... Having said that, it should be free and MS should make it BC too.

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@southsouthsac: i don't think one of the best games ever should be free. support the dev so they make more great games.

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I will be buying the 360 copy. Every dev that does this sort of promotion will get a full price purchase from me.

Same thing happened with Castle Crashers (a game I always wanted to play), same thing's going to happen with Bastion (another gave I've wanted to play). Now, hopefully Bastion for the 360 will be BC at some point too.

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Greg Kasavin thanks you for your high praise of this game.

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PLAY THIS GAME, people...

Doesn't matter what platform you play it on, so long as you're somewhere you can listen to all the audio and disengage with the real world for a bit. It's so simple that it defines elegance in game design. It also redefines the concept of "narrative" -- without resorting to watching a 30-minute cutscene nor long-winded exposition (MGSV, FF*).

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"One of Xbox 360's Best Games"

....Game's on more platforms than that, Chris.

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@Thanatos2k: I think I own it on THREE different systems myself and still haven't played through any of them.....

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A+ game and an amazing game and very well done. I have it for my 360 and still is as enjoyable to play as did when I first play the game. Wow thank you also for letting owners of the game get it for free at no extra charge. Great move Supergiant Games. Now where is the sequel we all have been waiting for that one now for a few years and still nothing.

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Loved this game so much, wish they made sequel.

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Nice. I enjoyed the 360 version so getting the Xbox One version for free to play through again is certainly a very cool bonus.