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One Of The Best Ways To Remotely Play TTRPGs Is Shutting Down

Though Roll20 and DnDBeyond offer similar services, no one was doing it quite like One More Multiverse.


One More Multiverse--a studio that developed TTRPGs and produced tools to make it easier to play tabletop games virtually with others--is shutting down. Game Masters and players who use the virtual tabletop have 90 days to download or screenshot whatever they want before they're gone for good in August.

"All tales come to an end, including ours," Team Multiverse wrote in a press release announcing the shutdown. "It pains us to inform you that One More Multiverse as a whole is closing down. Simply put, One More Multiverse isn't sustainable to run. We're proud of the team we've built and the players we've helped while bringing our wild ambitious dreams to life. We spent the past year working very hard to develop a new path forward, but after careful consideration it's become clear that it's not enough to support the OMM platform. For that, we are sorry."

Using One More Multiverse, a group could create their characters and maps with supplied pixelated assets. You could then play over Discord with your group, using your created world to lend an incredible cinematic feel to the experience. At the same time, One More Multiverse helped groups track information like character skills and dice rolls to make the experience of playing tabletop games more approachable. One More Multiverse created its own custom games for their virtual tabletop portal, but the portal supported other popular tabletop systems, like Dungeons & Dragons 5e and Blades in the Dark.

Though other virtual tabletops exist, like Roll20 and DnDBeyond, One More Multiverse possesses a charm and flair that no other competitor has managed to match. Seeing One More Multiverse have to shut down is deeply unfortunate--it was an awesome service helmed by talented individuals.

"We will be working to provide as much support as we can to our team as the studio closes," Team Multiverse wrote. "We will be providing severance, healthcare extensions, and dedicated support for job search. This was a team that led with kindness, built through collaboration, and bursted with talent. If you are hiring, please reach out--you will find no better problem solvers."

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