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One Of The Best Switch Controllers Will Soon Be Available For Xbox

8BitDo is releasing an Xbox version of its Pro 2 controller on December 8, and you can preorder it now.


8BitDo consistently manufactures some of the best third-party controllers. The company mostly makes Nintendo Switch controllers, and they often wind up on our roundup of the best Switch controllers. In a couple months, though, Xbox users will have the chance to pick up an 8BitDo controller, and it just so happens that it's a new model of the best controller 8BitDo has created thus far: the Pro 2. Released for Nintendo Switch last year, the Pro 2 offers a melding of nostalgic flair of modern design. Best of all: the 8BitDo Pro 2 sells for just $45 and has notable features typically reserved for pricey competitive controllers.

The 8BitDo Pro 2 is compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC and is officially licensed by Xbox. Unlike the Nintendo Switch version, however, the Pro 2 for Xbox isn't wireless. You have to plug it into the USB port on your Xbox. The Pro 2 has the parallel stick layout of PlayStation controllers, which will likely make it more comfortable for those who play games that favor D-pad controls. Also, some people just plain like the parallel thumbstick layout over the offset design of Xbox controllers.

The Pro 2 certainly looks like an officially licensed Xbox controller, as it retains the signature Xbox button and has every other input found on modern Xbox controllers, including the new Share button. Where it differs is on the back panel. The Pro 2 has a pair of remappable back buttons, and the rest of the inputs can be customized as well by using the included software for iOS or Android. The customization software also lets you tweak vibration settings, stick tension, and trigger pull sensitivity.

This isn't the first officially licensed Xbox controller manufactured by 8BitDo, but it is the first one that actually works with Xbox consoles. Last year, 8BitDo released a special version of its popular SN30 Pro for Android, specifically with Xbox Cloud Gaming in mind.

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