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One Of The Best Games Of 2023 Is Getting A Physical Release

Physical editions of the indie sci-fi adventure Cocoon launch September 13 for PS5 and Nintendo Switch.


A physical edition of the incredible indie adventure game Cocoon is launching on Nintendo Switch and PS5, courtesy of the folks at iam8bit. Not only is this a great opportunity to add one of the best games of 2023 to your collection, but the new Cocoon physical edition will also include five bonus art cards exclusive to the new release.

The Cocoon physical edition launches for $30 on September 13, and preorders are available now.

Cocoon physical edition preorder bonuses

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All Cocoon physical edition preorders on PS5 or Nintendo Switch come with a digital download code for the Cocoon soundtrack.

Cocoon is a mind-bending puzzle-adventure game where you play as a tiny robot exploring strange alien worlds that overlap and intersect in exciting ways. In our Cocoon review, Jessica Cogswell awarded the game a 9/10 and praised its puzzles, visuals, and audio design, saying "Cocoon is a beautiful game filled with brilliance and meaning, delivered in a subtle yet unforgettable way." It also made its way into our 2023 spotlight series that looked back on memorable moments in games thanks to the way navigating and solving Cocoon's puzzles makes the player feel like a genius. The game initially launched as a digital-only game, but this new physical release will hopefully give even more folks a chance to try this engrossing sci-fi adventure.

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