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One Of Star Wars' Darkest Moments Is Now A Christmas Ornament

The holidays are a time for joy, giving, family, and being frozen in carbonite.


The holidays have so many ideas and memories associated with them--being home with family, winter snowfall, gift giving, big meals, and watching your true love get frozen in carbonite. That last part is only the case if you let Hallmark have its way with its new Keepsake Ornament.

You could hang little tiny candy canes, stockings, and other Christmas-related symbols around your tree, but what's the fun in that? For just $64.99, you can celebrate one of the most memorable moments in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back with your family. The ornament depicts the scene set in Cloud City in which Han Solo is about to be encased in carbonite. Han, Leia, Chewie, C-3PO, and of course, Darth Vader are all there. You can connect a Hallmark Keepsake Power Cord to light up the LED lights, and there's a button on board that you can push for a synchronized sound and light show that features movement and dialogue from the movie.

Hallmark has gone hard on nerdy Keepsake Ornaments for a while now. This ornament will debut officially this weekend along with a slew of others as part of Hallmark's Ornament Premiere. Other pieces include Mando and Grogu flying together, a whole armful of Disney's Haunted Mansion ornaments, Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Mario in his Cat suit, a bunch of Star Wars pieces, and of course, Dorothy from Golden Girls. This Star Wars ornament and a whole bunch of others will be available starting July 15, and this one retails for $64.99 (and an extra $14.99 for that power cord, which can connect to up to seven other ornaments, so you'd better pick out six more).

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