One-of-a-Kind Satoru Iwata Memorial Amiibo on Sale to Raise Money for Charity

Proceeds from fan-made figure will go to Child's Play.


A custom Amiibo modelled after late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is available for purchase on eBay, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to charity.

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Created by GandaKris, the figure uses the standard Mii Amiibo as a base and features Iwata's Mii holding the Master Sword. At his feet are Diddy Kong's Nintendo cap, a Pokeball, a 1UP mushroom, a Super Star from Mario, and the Red Shield from Zelda.

"GandaKris has created what we believe to be the most touching, and inspirational custom Amiibo ever created," reads the eBay listing. "In Iwata-san's memory we will be donating 100% of the proceeds directly to Child's Play, a non-profit charity dedicated to providing children in hospitals with toys and videos games."

At the time of publishing this story, the bidding has reached $779, with three days left on the item.

Iwata passed away in July 2015, following ongoing health issues. Nintendo has sinced named Tatsumi Kimishima as it's new president and successor. New "Fellow" roles have also been introduced at the company to serve as a support for him.

Genyo Takeda, general manager of Nintendo's research and development division has been appointed as a Technology Fellow. Shigeru Miyamoto, meanwhile, has taken up the role of Creative Fellow.

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Avatar image for lunaphobia

This is probably the coolest tribute to Satoru Iwata I've seen yet

Avatar image for ALOIYD

Wrong again, Gamespot, it's the Star Rod from Kirby, i'm sure of it.

Avatar image for golemoy

@ALOIYD: It looks like rosalina's wand.

Avatar image for _plaguelight_

@golemoy: Pretty sure that might have been Iwata's touch in the Galaxy games, a sort of tribute back to the Kirby verse.

Avatar image for seven7swords

I wonder if this one will work with every Nintendo game ever...

Avatar image for lunaphobia

@seven7swords: That'd be pretty cool, yeah, but unfortunately it's not an official product

Avatar image for rey2

Wish they'd use his Nintendo direct pose. That funny one episode where they were muppets and he'd knock Reggie out with that move.

Avatar image for karloss01

It's Rosalina's wand taken straight from the amiibo.

Avatar image for ariel_g

It's... beautiful!!

Avatar image for vlath

That's a Star Rod,.. or Rosalina's wand... (colours are Rosalina's, shape is Kirby's...). Anyhow, it's not a Super Star...

Avatar image for nicemouse

They really captured his likeness.

Avatar image for lunaphobia

@Chatch09 My God you're not very smart, are you? That's a CUSTOM amiibo. Some guy MADE it with their OWN hands. It's not an official product, it doesn't HAVE a box that is the only one there is unless someone tries to remake another one.

Avatar image for xtraterry0

It's Rosalina's wand beneath him, not Super Star.

Avatar image for jjopoku

@xtraterry0:I thought it was kirby's wand

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

I hope that this isn't one of those auctions where people make fake bids and ruin what is a good thing with a good cause.

Avatar image for xxxInfectedxxx

Creepy as hell

Avatar image for arcanesmile

This is awesome.

Avatar image for RogerioFM

Would buy it if I was rich, even if I don't have a Wii, just to honor the man... And help children or whatever.

Avatar image for RogerioFM

What? Where's the banana in his hand?

Avatar image for slam_shot_sam

I just bid $1150 and it didn't beat somebody's top bid, so it's at $1175 now.

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

That sucks someone is trying to make money off a dead person, good thing they are donating 100% though.

Avatar image for RogerioFM

@mesome713: You have no clue of what the **** you're talking about hey kid?

Avatar image for Dissentioncc

@mesome713: Your entire post contradicts itself.

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

@Dissentioncc: Yeah, i should have used gathered money instead.

Avatar image for lunaphobia

@mesome713 You idiot.. they are donating all the money to a charity... if anything, using Iwata-sans memory to support a charity is a compliment .

Avatar image for bobbyman46

@mesome713: they're trying to make money for charity not for themselves. This is an incredibly selfless thing to do and a great tribute to a great man.

Avatar image for normanislost

That's pretty cool, shame it's just a standard Mii amiibo

Avatar image for lunaphobia

@normanislost: What else do you expect it to be?

Avatar image for karloss01

@normanislost: depends the creator may have customised the mii in the base to look like him too.