One Must Fall: Battlegrounds update

Diversions sets a release date of Q2 2003 for its hand-to-hand robot combat game. New screens inside.


One Must Fall: Battlegrounds

Diversions Entertainment has announced that One Must Fall: Battlegrounds will ship in Q2 2003. The 3D robot fighting game is the sequel to One Must Fall: 2097, and it is set 20 years further into the future. The robot tournaments are still in full force, and the game will have a total of 50 pilots and eight robots for players to choose from. Each robot will feature some distinct moves and unique supermoves.

"One Must Fall: Battlegrounds promises to raise the bar on the 3D fighting game genre," said Judy Elam, business manager at Diversions Entertainment. "Building on the success of its predecessor, One Must Fall: Battlegrounds will take gamers to a new level of robot-style fighting, incorporating a number of innovative and diverse gameplay aspects. The engine design and interchangeability between the pilots and the robots are first rate, and the future mod capabilities make this title an all-around incredible fighting system."

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