One Must Fall: Battlegrounds golden

After three years of development, the online PC remake of the 1994 mech-fighting game is finally beating down the factory door.


Florida-based developer Diversions Entertainment announced today that One Must Fall: Battlegrounds has gone gold. The move to manufacturing came none too soon--the game was originally announced in November of 2000 and was delayed numerous times before a year-plus beta-testing period.

One Must Fall: Battlegrounds is a PC remake of the 1994 game One Must Fall, which was developed by the creator of Unreal, Epic MegaGames. Like its predecessor, OMF: Battlegrounds has a two-layered fighting system. First players must pick a human combatant, and then they must choose the large mech he or she will pilot in combat. The game's online multiplayer mode will allow players to engage in 16-mech battle royals. Peruse GameSpot's preview for some early ringside commentary.

One Must Fall: Battlegrounds has an ESRB rating of "T" for teen and an MSRP of $39.99.

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