Omikron 2 aimed for next-gen consoles

French developer Quantic Dream is putting the finishing touches on design documents for two new games.


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Omikron: the Nomad Soul will get the sequel treatment from its original developer, Quantic Dream. Omikron, a game about body possession and wandering souls, was originally published by Eidos and featured a soundtrack by David Bowie. While Quantic Dream has made no announcements about potential publishers or rock stars affiliated with Omikron 2, the game is said to be targeted for release on the PlayStation 3, the next-gen Xbox, and the PC.

Last Wednesday, Quantic Dream announced on its Web site that the company is designing Omikron 2 and another game called Infraworld. Quantic Dream will use its own next-generation engine to power these games and has signed a deal with NovodeX for the use of that company's middleware in Infraworld. The company is also considering artificial intelligence middleware for use in Infraworld.

Founded in 1997 by David Cage, Quantic Dream is preparing to show off Indigo Prophecy (formerly known as Fahrenheit) at E3 next month. The game is described as a work of "interactive cinema," and the company hints that both Omikron 2 and Infraworld will fit into this same category.

At the moment, both Omikron 2 and Infraworld are in the preliminary stages of development. Indigo Prophecy, however, is scheduled for release in 2005. It will be only the second release from this 8-year-old company.

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