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Olivia Wilde Will Direct A Female-Led Spider-Woman Marvel Movie -Report

Marvel and Sony are ready to further expand its universe of Spider-Man movies, according to a new report.


Marvel and Sony aren't slowing down when it comes to growing the Spider-Man universe of movies--whether or not Spider-Man will actually appear in them. With a sequel to Venom and a Morbius movie on the way, along with a Madame Webb film in the works, the next step is reportedly a female-centered superhero film, which will be directed by Olivia Wilde (Booksmart).

The news comes from Deadline--and seemingly confirmed by Wilde herself in a tweet--says that the film in question is expected to be about Spider-Woman. According to the report, Wilde is developing the project and will write the script with Katie Silberman. Amy Pascal is signed on to produce, much like she's done for every Spider-Man and Spidey-adjacent movie since 2017's Far From Home.

While Spider-Woman has been the alter ego of a number of characters over the years, it's most identified with Jessica Drew, the first character to take on that mantle back in 1977. Unlike Peter Parker, Jessica Drew's origins involved being injected with an experimental serum and having her age manipulated with a "genetic accelerator." Her powers include your typical wall-crawling, but deviate from Peter's there, with pheromone manipulation and bio-electric charges No details about Wilde's take on the character have been revealed yet, just as there is no production or release information at this time.

As for the rest of Sony's Spider-Man films, most of them have been delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The new Venom and Morbius movies have both been pushed back to 2021 releases. As for the MCU side of things, the sequel to Spider-Man: Far Home Home is also expected next year, but has been pushed back a month to December 17.

If you're wondering what other movies have been delayed by the Pandemic, take a look at our guide.

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