Older Rainbow Six Siege Maps Will Be Censored With The Release Of Operation Wind Bastion

Affects the global version of the game.

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Now Playing: Rainbow Six Siege Censoring Maps And Icons For All Players Ahead Of China Release - GS News Update

Ubisoft has announced that, prior its release in China and other Asian territories, Rainbow Six Siege will receive several adjustments that censor certain maps and in-game icons. Instead of separating Siege into two different builds, the censorship will be applied to all versions of the game across the globe. The update will go live for Year 3, Season 4, alongside Operation Wind Bastion.

"We have a commitment to ensure that the Rainbow Six Siege experience remains true to its roots," Ubisoft assured in a blog post. "We are adjusting art and visuals, but are not compromising what makes Rainbow Six Siege the game you know today." In accordance with certain restrictions in Asian territories, Ubisoft is removing Siege's more overt references to violence--such as skulls and blood--as well as gambling and sex. In-game icons are also being made less violent. The symbol for melee attacks and damage--currently a knife--is being made into a closed fist, for example.

In terms of blood censorship, only environmental examples--such as aesthetic splatter on a wall--will be removed. Minor blood splatter from Operators being shot will not be affected.

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Siege's last major update, the Year 3, Season 3 mid-season patch, adds balancing changes to the game's Operators and weapons--specifically Clash and Maestro, as well as the SMG-11 and Vector. The update implements a large amount of bug fixes as well.

Rainbow Six Siege is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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[This comment has been censored by the People's Republic of China]


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China is pushing to allow its younger citizens to only play video games at most two hours a day. And no gaming after 9pm until 8am. Is Ubisofter going to add these restraints to the rest of the world as well?

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@thecatsix: Pretty sure only Tencent has done that going to be disastrous for the industry and I assume that under 18's could just pretend they are over 18.

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so does this screw over jagers skin that he just got? since skulls are getting removed from certain areas?

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Also due to the new Chinese rules, all female characters will now be killed as soon as they are spawned.

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BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Oh man!! China sucks!!!

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Glad I quit this game before it went full SJW trash censor propaganda.

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@off3nc3: So better to ignore the Chinese market and all the benefits that it brings to a purely practical business perspective all so that gamers can enjoy a little bit more blood splattered on the wall. ...Just not Chinese gamers, because who cares about them right?

Seriously, this SJW nonsense is ridiculous. Now we're at a point where we complain about game companies adhering to foreign law so they can do business in their country. So blame these mythical SJWs for it... Surely they are to blame!

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@Jaxith: The anti-SJW crowd is every bit as oversensitive as they accuse SJWs of being.

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As an American gamer, nothing of value was lost :P

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This seems like a slippery slope...

Avatar image for 3partan341

Sell this trash spinoff to a Chinese f2p company and go make a real Rainbow Six game.


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There’s this thing called options Ubisoft

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Surprise surprise, the French surrender again.

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@Saladudo: Exactly! Of course they caved to a dictatorship they're French, they cant help themselves. Just like they caved to the Germans in WW2. They are a weak society with awesome baked goods. When the Chineese horde takes over the Fracking French will be the first ones to throw their hands up to surrender and then offer their new Chinese overloads a tasty baguette

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Kind of sad seeing how china now holds the balls to Google and now Ubisoft along with countless other companies. I bet China told them, that if they want to sell their games in China, they have to take it out of all of the banned items from all versions of the game thus spreading their sickening communist agenda around the world.

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Is this a joke? It's a fps game where you kill people with guns, and they're doing stuff like changing the melee symbol from a knife to a fist to make it seem less violent? What are these guys smoking? Are they also gonna change the bullets to paintballs?

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Now that's integrity!

Oh Ubisoft......

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This is like buying a movie and when you play the movie you find out it's the version they play on broadcast TV.

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This is the start. This is what the left does.