Okamiden Updated Impressions: Shopping at the Demon Market

Capcom shows us an updated version of Okamiden that lets players do some shopping and meet a new companion.


Capcom's Okamiden is the promising spiritual sequel to 2006's Okami, which cast players as Amaterasu's--the game's lead character--godling offspring, a wolf cub named Chibiterasu. The game is set roughly nine months after the end of Okami and finds demons reappearing in the land of Nippon. Although Amaterasu isn't around to deal with the demons, Chibiterasu is on the case with the help of some friends. The game has made a good impression on us every time we've seen it, and this latest demo didn't break tradition.

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Our guided demo kicked off with Chibiterasu and his travelling companion Kuni nearing the entrance to the Demon Market. As non-demons, Chibiterasu and Kuni had trouble gaining entry, but the problem was solved by using the game's celestial brush mechanic to draw masks for the pair. Players will be tapped to draw anything they want on masks for both characters to wear as disguises. Once the designs are set, Chibi and Kuni will both be seen wearing them in game as they bluff their way past the guards at the market entrance.

Once inside the market, players will be able to explore the different stalls, manned by floating demons that buy and sell assorted goods, as well as a bulletin board that features postings with useful information. The pair winds up hitting a roadblock in the form of a fairy guard who demands an item called the fire eye, which sends them on a quest throughout the market to find it. The search for the fire eye is a good showcase for the expansive area that is full of places to explore. We saw a number of different areas that yielded items after the use of brush techniques, such as cherry bomb, slash, and rejuvenate. Besides the standard items, such as ink pots, we always saw Chibi collect part of a masterpiece, which are works of art created by Issun as seen in the first game that focused on Amaterasu.

Once the dynamic duo track down the fire eye and turn it in to the guard, they're able to progress a bit further but hit another guard who demands a lengthy three-part password. Chibi and Kuni have to do some additional exploration in the market to uncover the passwords, which are spread throughout the market. Once the passwords are presented and the pair advance, they come across a tournament whose prize is a mermaid. Upon closer inspection, it's clear that the mermaid, named Nanami, isn't a willing prize, so Chibi makes Kuni feel guilty in order to participate and save her. Being good Samaritans leads the pair into a series of rounds fighting against an increasingly tough selection of enemies. While the first batch of foes is pretty straightforward, the later fights against flying enemies, hammer-wielding enemies, and bizarre demons riding tops look pretty tough. The fights offered a good showcase for the game's combat system and the ways you'll be able to make use of the celestial brush techniques to take out enemies. We were able to see slash and the cherry bomb techniques mixed into Chibi's standard attacks, which appeared to be key in dealing with the tougher foes. After a several rounds of fighting, the pair stomped all their opponents and won Nanami.

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Unfortunately, the surprisingly hot-tempered nymph isn't exactly thrilled with her would-be rescuers given their disguises. Matters are complicated when, in the process of trying to clear things up, the pair's disguises are lost. As you'd expect, the population at a Demon's Market--which has a pretty tight entry requirement--doesn't take kindly to intruders. This is especially true of the Witch Queen, a local figure of import, who immediately dives at the boys, which initiates a boss fight and ended the demo. From what we saw, Okamiden is shaping up to be a promising follow-up to the fan favorite original. The game appears be capturing the key qualities that made the PlayStation 2 game a hit with fans. The visuals, despite being crammed on the DS, retain most of the look and feel of the console game. The game's audio has also made a good transition to the DS, despite the switch from disc to cartridge media. We're excited to get our hands on the final game and see how the whole adventure plays out, but sadly it's going to be a bit of a wait: Okamiden is slated to ship in the first half of 2011.

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I always thought the Wii version of Okami played so well that it was born to be a Wii game. I never played the PS2 version but I never had a problem with the Wii controls. That being said, Okamiden seems to be just as perfect a fit with the touch screen, and I'm surprised the game wasn't developed sooner. Then again, given how poorly Okami sold, maybe the delay isn't such a surprise, and risk is much lower when it comes to DS games, which is why this one's being made. I wish I still had a DS, but after losing three, I came to the conclusion that it's just not meant for me to have one. But depending upon how this game turns out, I might be tempted to change my mind.

Avatar image for Leonagard

Ok, love Okami... Im not sure about split screen, why not playing like okami using only the touch... looks like the playability will be compromised .... but looks amazing overall...

Avatar image for keatsunn

I do hope it doesn't recycle old environments too much.

Avatar image for GameGoddess32

I am SO getting this game....Chibiterasu is sooooo CUTE!!!!

Avatar image for ftotheizzan

@zachbpd i played okami on wii and had no problems with the wiimote... maybe its easier to time the slashes on the ps2 controller im not sure. but for celestial brush techniques im sure wii controller is superior. that being said lookin forward to this game.

Avatar image for Zachbpd

It looks great! I can see that it still keeps the Okami PS2 game-play and I'm looking forward to seeing more from this game(I'm talking about PS2 because I know people who have it on Wii but they said it was pretty difficult to play because of the Wii-mote, which isn't really helpful in games like this). Too bad that the first game wasn't sold better, because the story is great and the graphics are really nice ! I think it's kind of unlucky because it's being released for DS and not for 3DS and this is why it probably won't be too popular (just like Okami that was released before PS3 launch). However for people who don't want to upgrade to 3DS my suggestion is to go for it! It's a great game and you won't be disappointed !

Avatar image for Vojkan80001


Avatar image for ChiefFreeman

Okamiden looks great, but it will join the fate of its ps2/Wii cousin as a poor selling, yet critically acclaimed game. It's being released too close to the launch of the 3DS, and that is going to kill it. This game should be dlayed and remade for the 3ds. Okamiden in 3-d would look amazing with that art style.

Avatar image for hemoleech

The DS is perfect for an Okami game. The Wii was okay but it I couldn't quite get accurate enough with the Wiimote. This game looks very cute and promising.

Avatar image for Wolflink001

I'll pass.

Avatar image for hulklol12345678

Looks great!

Avatar image for johnjcoe9198

After watching the video, I wonder, why didn't Capcom just program the text to scroll on the bottom screen during cutscenes? It sounds like a no-brainer, to be honest.....

Avatar image for johnjcoe9198

I think Capcom is using the DS to test-market Okamiden's selling-power. The original's sales were drastically affected by the system launches of the 360 and the Wii (or maybe PS3, I have a horrible memory!). I think that if a true sequel were released on a console today, the outcome would be very different. They DID release Okami on the Wii, but the controls weren't optimized for the Wiimote, and it really broke the game. I bought it used on the PS2, and loved every minute of it!

Avatar image for NiteX

That's really lame the screens have to switch in order to do your magic painting attacks.

Avatar image for riariases

I wanna buy some new DS games, but at the same time I feel like I should be trading in all my DS stuff to put towards a 3DS while the value is still up.

Avatar image for Marasca2

damn, okami is one of the best games i have ever played looking forward for this one

Avatar image for kbaily

Can't wait for this. One last hurrah for the DS before the 3DS takes over.

Avatar image for SicklySunStorm

Loved the first, and I'm sure the gameplay in this will be excellent, but I can't help feel that the title is on completely the wrong platform for graphical prowess... I mean, the original was designed for PS2 and equivalent architecture, later being moved to the Wii.... this sequel will be using older, 64 bit architecture with the DS, and that will represent a great step backwards in graphics if you ask me. I know you can argue that graphics aren't everything, and they're not, but in a game as beautiful as Okami was, you need that extra oomph IMO.... They should have done this sequel on the Wii at least, and preferably take the nudge up to HD formats for some truly stunning stuff

Avatar image for dipsetboy17

i'm getting it as soon as it comes out.

Avatar image for Steba93

This is really good looking game. I just hope that they don't use only the same environments used in Okami because some of the DS games do that

Avatar image for ShadowLupus

This game looks to be incredible. GS has done a great job covering this game. Can't wait 'til it comes out and MvC3. Plenty of Okami goodness. :D

Avatar image for Nosnitsttam

closing clover studios is one of the many stupid things capcom has done over the past few years. but this is one of their few smart calls. a handheld follow up to a console cult hit seems like a solid plan and the game actually looks pretty good.

Avatar image for MysticalWolfess

I highly doubt this will surpass the original by a longshot, but I'm still going to pick it up. It looks pretty good.

Avatar image for SuperbGamer

Okami influenced Twilight Princess.

Avatar image for IdolConverge

@ ANUBISZER0 It's not that it was under-rated, it got every bit of praise it deserved, it was just overlooked by the general public which is definitely a shame. I hope this game does well. Capcom really needs it after the mis fortune of Lost Planet 2.

Avatar image for anime_gamer007

I loved Okami, it's one of my all time favorite games. This doesn't seem like a proper successor, maybe because it's on the DS or maybe because Hideki Kayima isn't behind it. I do wonder how well this will sell. Okami did terrible but maybe since there aren't two major consoles being released at the same time, it will have a greater chance.

Avatar image for ANUBISZER0

I loved Okami, it was way too underrated.

Avatar image for soulless4now

I'm excited...now if only I could find the time to play to actually beat the first game...

Avatar image for Leonagard

split screen for brush wont work for me... there shoud be a way to play on touch screen only!... hope this work...

Avatar image for Superdude475

I really can't wait for this.

Avatar image for contaminated

hopefully this game will sell unlike okami which was a fantastic game that never got the popularity or the attention it deserved which is a shame.

Avatar image for athenian29

I might buy this just for the cute factor.