Okami wins <i>Edge</i> award

Capcom's Clover Studio colourful adventure wins UK magazine's coveted award at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival.


EDINBURGH, UK--A jury of five games-industry staff have voted on their favourite title of the past 12 months in the annual Edge awards--and Okami picked up the winning gong.

The award ceremony, which was the final event of the first day of the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, was presented by deputy editor Alex Wiltshire.

There were eight titles nominated for this year's award, the first being the Generations GBA series, which Wiltshire readily admitted was "just because we loved it." The title consisted of seven individual games, and was only released in Japan. The others were Canis Canem Edit (known as Bully in the US), Dead Rising, DEFCON, Final Fantasy XII, Okami, Test Drive Unlimited, and Wii Sports.

The eight games were nominated by Edge and sent out to the five judges, who were to vote and make the final decision. On the jury this year were Charles Cecil from Revolution Software, Martin Kenwright of Evolution Studios and Bigbig Studios, games journo Steven Poole, vice president of digital content at BBC Worldwide America Alice Taylor, and Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor.

Charles Cecil said that Okami "takes your breath away," whereas Taylor stated it was "visually wonderful," and Kenwright that "it proves the PlayStation 2 is still capable of giving us fun, innovative games."

Although Capcom could not be present in Edinburgh to accept the award, it sent a video in thanks.

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