Okami prowling on Wii

Capcom enlists the help of Ready at Dawn to bring Clover Studios swan song to Nintendo's console next spring.


Just prior to its dismantling, Clover Studios finished a pair of PlayStation 2 games that stood out from the pack: God Hand, a fighting game with an over-the-top style to match its daunting difficulty, and Okami, a critically acclaimed adventure game that added a unique "celestial brush" gameplay mechanic to a framework reminiscent of the Zelda series. Today, a full year after Capcom first announced that it would be dissolving Clover, word has arrived that the publisher is porting Okami to the Wii.

With Clover gone, Capcom has turned to another highly regarded developer to bring the game to the Wii. The Wii port of Okami will be developed by Ready at Dawn, the studio behind the highly regarded Daxter on the PlayStation Portable and the highly anticipated God of War: Chains of Olympus, which is also for the PSP.

As would be expected, the game's controls will be revamped to make use of the motion-sensing Wii Remote. For example, players will use the controller as if it were main character Amaterasu's celestial brush, painting symbols to invoke powers that help solve the game's puzzles. Okami is expected to see release on the Wii in spring 2008.

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