Okami HD hits October 30

Capcom reveals PSN launch date for PS2 adventure title; will be available for $20 with PS Move support and trophies.


Okami HD is not far off. Capcom has announced that the rerelease of the PlayStation 2 adventure title for the PlayStation Network will arrive on October 30 at $20. Previously, it was expected sometime this fall.

Amaterasu returns next month.
Amaterasu returns next month.

The game boasts remastered graphics supporting 1080p resolution, and works with PlayStation Move, in addition to traditional controls. Further, Okami HD includes trophies for players to collect.

GameSpot's 2006 review of Okami found it to have some of the best visuals of any PS2 title at the time, with a 30-hour main story and numerous sidequests and minigames.

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