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Oh No, Helldivers 2 Has Flying Bugs To Deal With Now

They fly now? They fly now.


Helldivers 2 players have a new threat to watch out for following this week's patch, as a new breed of Terminid enemies have been introduced to the game. While the Terminid ground forces live up to their name and terrain, these new bugs are an airborne menace that have begun appearing in the game.

Are they even real? Helldivers 2 director Johan Pilestedt took to X/Twitter to rubbish these claims, rejecting the reality of flying bugs and substituting his own Ministry of Truth-approved spin on the claims. "I've heard rumors of flying bugs in Helldivers 2," Pilestedt wrote. "I want to officially refute such preposterous claims. Everyone knows that 'Bugs can't fly'. And I'm not alone in thinking this. The Ministry of Truth agrees that this is propaganda from bug sympathizers that want to brainwash good people."

What makes the sudden arrival of these airborne assault units--called Shriekers--surprising is that Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead left them out of the patch notes. While the lengthy list of tweaks and fixes mentioned things like making Chargers significantly more susceptible to explosive trauma to the face, the stealthy arrival of Shriekers made for a fun--and horrifying--surprise. As noted by Windows Central, Shriekers will only appear in missions where they have their own lairs, so you won't need to constantly keep an eye on the sky.

In other Helldivers 2 news from the front, a new community event has kicked off this week and could see big changes to the galaxy if players are successful. Four planets close to Super-Earth are ready for planetary fumigation, and if the Termicide-dispensing towers go online, those worlds will be forever safe from the giant bugs.

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