Officially Licensed PS4 Mouse and Keyboard Controller Revealed

Hori's Tactical Assault Commander 4 launching in October for around $130.


Licensed video game peripheral company Hori has announced a new mouse and keyboard controller for the PlayStation 4 that might be just what FPS fans are looking for.

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Called the Tactical Assault Commander 4, the USB controller aims to imitate a PC setup by mapping the DualShock 4's left and right analogs to WASD-style keyboard controls and the mouse, respectively.

As you can you can see in the images embedded in this post, the other PlayStation buttons are mapped as well, while the touchpad is also there.

There are also buttons for "walk" and "snipe," as well as support for multiple controller profiles. It even has LED backlighting and looks quite slick overall, though the quality of the components is unknown at this point.

According to the controller's Amazon product page (via Kotaku), it's an officially licensed product. Its release is pegged for October, which is right around the time the rush of holiday games, including Call of Duty: Black Ops III, will kick off.

The Tactical Assault Commander 4 is listed at £86, which is about $130. It's a follow-up to the Tactical Assault Commander 3 mouse and keyboard controller for the PlayStation 3, which retails now for $100.

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