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Official Xbox Red Ring Of Death Poster Is Now For Sale

One of the brand's darkest times is now being celebrated in commemorative poster form.


Xbox is deep into its 20th anniversary celebration, and while Microsoft has given a lot of attention to the highlights of its past, it has also not shied away from its darker moments.

Case in point: this new listing on the Xbox Gear shop for a poster focusing on the Red Ring Of Death, the infamous error display that plagued the Xbox 360 during its eight-year tenure. The print is part of a seven-print series commemorating Power On, the new six-part documentary series that recently debuted on YouTube.

This was the worst Red Light/Green Light imaginable (until Squid Game).
This was the worst Red Light/Green Light imaginable (until Squid Game).

The Red Ring Of Death, for those unaware, was an error display on the front of the Xbox 360 where three of the four lights would blink red instead of all four turning green when powered up. The lights indicated some sort of hardware error that would require the console to be serviced or replaced. A 2009 study of console failures found that nearly a quarter of Xbox 360s saw errors, compared to 10% of PlayStation 3s and 2.7% of Nintendo Wiis.

The Red Ring of Death poster is available at the Xbox Gear shop for $25. Power On, the documentary following Xbox's 20-year lifespan, is available now on YouTube and features the first interview with ex-Xbox boss Don Mattrick since he left Microsoft in 2013.

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