Official Word on Freedom Force

Crave announces a superhero RPG by the creators of System Shock 2.


Freedom Force

Crave hasn't until now officially announced Freedom Force, though our recent interview with Irrational Games' designer Ken Levine revealed a number of details on the game. Crave's official announcement today describes Freedom Force as a tactically oriented 3D superhero game, Freedom Force promises to blend combat and strong role-playing elements. The developer, Irrational Games, worked with Looking Glass Studios to produce last year's widely acclaimed sci-fi RPG System Shock 2.

As Levine describes the game, "It is a complex tactical RPG that, for the first time, delivers the scope and vibe of what makes comic books so great." The designer goes on to say, "Freedom Force is being designed to deliver exciting, dynamic (though sometimes morally flawed) heroes and villains, slugfests that span multiple city blocks, and missions with settings and dialog that remain true to the genre."

Set in a highly detailed 3D re-creation of New York City in the 1960s, Freedom Force will let players control up to four superheroes at a time. The game will feature fully destructible environments, a modular superhero skill system, and the ability to create new superhero characters or re-create those from comic book. Freedom Force is scheduled for a fall 2001 release.

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