Official Starcraft II beta stage mods now available

Custom games made available on Starcraft II's multiplayer tab on Southeast Asian servers.


Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
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The multiplayer mode for Starcraft II isn't just for real-time-strategy-style skirmishes, but it's is also a playground for level designers to show off their custom levels and game types. Blizzard recently sent in its mod efforts for the public to test out. The custom games are called StarJeweled, Aiur Chef, and Left 2 Die.

StarJeweled is Blizzard's take on the hit game Bejeweled, where gamers have to match three gems of the same color to clear the board and harvest energy to train Starcraft II units to take down opponents. Aiur Chef pits gamers in a race against time to harvest ingredients scattered throughout the map and cook dishes for prestige points to win the game.

Starcraft II's Left 2 Die custom game
Starcraft II's Left 2 Die custom game

Left 2 Die takes the objective from Starcraft II's campaign mission called Outbreak and puts a co-op spin on it. Gamers will have to work together to defend their base against the Zerg during the nighttime phase and build up their forces during the daytime. Left 2 Die also has an Endless Night mode where gamers last as long as possible to build a high score before getting overwhelmed by the Zerg.

Gamers who wish to participate in playing beta versions of these mods and also give their feedback can check them out at the multiplayer tab in Starcraft II.

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