Official SimCoaster Web site launches

Electronic Arts' upcoming theme park management game has a new online presence.



Electronic Arts has launched the official Web site for its upcoming strategy game SimCoaster. The game is the sequel to the game SimTheme Park, which was released in October 1999. In the game, players assume the role of the assistant manager of a theme park, and they must use their management skills to impress the company director in order to climb the corporate ladder and eventually become president. The theme park includes three distinct zones with different management challenges: the Land of Invention, the Polar Zone, and Arabian Nights. Visitors demand refreshments and souvenirs in addition to both high-speed looping roller coasters and lower-octane rides for young children and other visitors less interested in adrenaline.

For more information about SimCoaster, visit the official Web site below, which goes by the European title for the game, Theme Park Inc, and read our preview of the game.

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