Official Pokemon TikTok Account Accidentally Shares Expletive-Riddled Clip

The official Pokemon TikTok account posted a video that features several swears, which appears to be an unintended mishap.


Though everybody loves Pokemon, like a lot of Nintendo's popular franchises, the games are known for their child-friendly tone. It appears that someone with access to the official Pokemon TikTok account may have momentarily forgotten this, as it posted a rather amusing (and now-deleted) clip that happens to feature a volley of curse words.

As spotted by Nintendo Life, the video features a live-action Pikachu posing and dancing around a Lucario statue to the tune of "If You're Happy And You Know It (Clap Your Hands)." Unfortunately, this version of the song features a number of R-rated embellishments, including the word "mother****ing" repeated several times.

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When compared to the sort of thing that teens with internet access are likely to find online, the song is fairly innocuous. However, considering Pokemon's all-ages reputation, it's likely that this particular audio clip was chosen by mistake. In other Pokemon news, the franchise recently celebrated the "discovery" of the 1000th Pokemon, a milestone that many have been waiting for for years. If you're still hoping that Game Freak and Nintendo will fix some of the nastier bugs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we have good news: The next patch for the game is coming in late February, and it will feature bug fixes and "added functionality."

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