Official Pokedex iOS app released

$2 illustrated encyclopedia app now available for iOS devices in NA and Europe; four additional packs available for $6 each.


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The Pokemon Company today launched an official Pokedex application for iOS devices in North America and Europe. This illustrated encyclopedia contains entries for more than 640 Pokemon creatures and launched last month in Japan. The Pokedex app costs $2, requires iOS 6, and is optimized for the iPhone 5. No mention was made of a release through Google Play.

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Similar to its in-game counterpart, the Pokemon Pokedex iOS app provides a range of data, including information regarding how to evolve a certain Pokemon, locations where specific creatures are located, and which types of attacks Pokemon are susceptible to.

With the $2 purchase for the Pokedex app, users are granted access to the Unova Pokedex (Pokemon numbers 494-647). Other sets are available for $6 each, meaning players will need to spend about $26 to hold a complete Pokedex.

The additional packs include the Kanto Pokedex (Pokemon numbers 001-151), the Johto Pokedex (Pokemon numbers 152-251), the Hoenn Pokedex (Pokemon numbers 252-386), and the Sinnoh Pokedex (Pokemon numbers 383-493).

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