Official Nexagon: The Pit site opens

Strategy First launches the official site for its gladiator-style strategy game.


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Strategy First has opened the official site for Nexagon: The Pit, a unique take on gladiator battles where players must try to survive and entertain at the same time in an effort to boost the ratings of the network sponsoring the battles. Before the start of each match, players construct a base area by using a level-editor-like tool to place weapons and barriers, and they have to take the aesthetic appeal of their base--which can be raised by placing secondary objects such as trees in bases--into account so that the audience becomes more interested in the battle. When the battle starts, players must maneuver units into position to take the opposing player's base while minimizing the damage done to their own.

Nexagon: The Pit is currently scheduled for release this September. For more information on the game, including hands-on impressions, take a look at our previous coverage .

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