Official Kingdom Under Fire Strategy Web Site Launches

The Stratos Group announces its official online strategy guide for Gathering of Developers' real-time strategy game.


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The Stratos Group has launched the official strategy Web site for Kingdom Under Fire, the recently released real-time strategy game from Phantagram and Gathering of Developers. The strategy Web site features comprehensive single-player walk-throughs, detailed information about the units and structures featured in the game, suggested multiplayer tactics, and cheat codes.

Kingdom Under Fire is a real-time strategy game that features a fantasy theme and incorporates role-playing elements such as character advancement and quests. The game is based on the story of two factions, the Human Alliance and the Dark Legion, as they fight for control of the land of Bersiah. For more information about Kingdom Under Fire, take a look at our detailed review of the game.

The official strategy Web site for Kingdom Under Fire can be accessed from the link below.

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