'Official' Grand Theft Auto V trailer launching Thursday

New GTA V 'official trailer' being released this Thursday, August 29; video details and exact timing currently unknown.


Grand Theft Auto V

With less than three weeks to go until Grand Theft Auto V's September 17 worldwide launch, Rockstar is still serving up new content for its open-world game. Today, the developer announced plans to release the game's "official trailer" this week.

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No specific details of the content in the video were outlined, but the trailer will reportedly hit both the Rockstar Newswire and GTA V site on Thursday, August 29, with exact times yet to be confirmed.

The game has received added attention over the past week, with hackers using pre-loaded files from the PS3 version of the game to reveal story details. Sony apologised profusely for the mistake.

A reportedly mistaken tweet landed Sony in hot water just days later, when Sony's official UK Twitter account suggested that the game--which is currently only announced for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3--would also be coming to next-generation systems. The now-deleted post said, "GTA V is going to be amazing, especially on the PS4!"

Check out GameSpot's preview of the multiplayer component and interview with Rockstar North head Leslie Benzies for more.

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