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Check out the utterly bizarre weapons you'll use against the bad guys of Oddworld's outland in Stranger's Wrath.


Oddworld Inhabitants' newest game, Stranger's Wrath, is a shooter--but then again, it isn't. Huh? That statement is doubly justifiable. First, the gameplay allows you to switch at will between first-person perspective, which lets you fire at enemies with your crossbow, and third-person, which lets you run, jump, and use melee attacks. Second, the projectiles that you are launching at your enemies in the first-person mode aren't exactly bullets or arrows--they're real, live varmints with real, live attitudes. Join us for an examination of the quirky, crazy critters you'll use to do battle in the newest, wildest Oddworld game yet.

The Crossbow

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The weapon of choice for the discerning bounty hunter, the crossbow is a semiautomatic, custom-made, retractable, double-barreled, high-tension device with sophisticated optical and mechanical capabilities that include exceptional depth-of-field scope technology and an eavesdropping apparatus. Load your choice of any ammo type in each barrel for highly effective bait-and-trap ammo action!

Live Ammo

This is what gives Stranger's fighting ability its character. The live ammo types all have their own personalities, not to mention their own unique functionality.


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  • Wildlife (aka chipmunk)
  • Type: Send to--Basic
  • Has a big mouth. Each time a taunt is issued, a distortion effect is generated around the speaker to show the player its effective radius.
  • Used to get an enemy's attention and lead them to a player-defined location. Often used to lead non-player characters to you, into traps, or just to separate a large group of guards.
  • When used in combination with hiding or hide zones, this ammo allows the player to bait enemies away and to capture them without alerting other nearby enemies.
  • Through the process of unnatural selection, Chippunks survived using the mighty power of trash talk. Chippunks are happy to distract the mental weaklings so you can put them out of your misery!
  • "Bait enemies with Chippunks."
  • Rude, crude, and in the mood to irritate the heck out of your enemies. These little varmints have a motor mouth that can make even the most insult-hardened jail warden wince in pain. There's only one use for these irritating little vermin: fire them at a point where you want your enemy to go. Most people can't stand their yammering and will rush right over to try to squish the little critter. That's when you can get the jump on your enemies. Just be sure to fire the Chippunks at a point where enemies won't see you on their way over, otherwise the jig is up.


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  • Wildlife (aka spider)
  • Type: Immobilize--Basic
  • Stops enemies, but does not kill. It's good to keep NPCs alive, and it gets them out of your way temporarily until you can move past or tag them for prison. Wraps around a target's waist and mouth, which causes the target to begin struggling in an attempt to remove the bola. The enemy is incapable of screaming when bola'ed.
  • The Bolamite wraps the NPC in a web, rendering silent the cries for help, and allowing the player to collect the NPC alive for a higher value. The Bolamite allows stealth play when used in combination with hide zones and the send to ammo.
  • Bolamites wrap those pesky outlaws in a tight, silencing, and immobilizing embrace of webs, freshly deployed from their generous little bowels.
  • "Stealth takedowns with Bolamites."
  • When you hit an enemy dead on, the spider will wrap them up in a flurry of furious web-spinning action. Then you can bag the bounty at your leisure. Don't dally too long, though, because the spider's webbing won't hold the enemy forever. It might be best to punch them out, just to be sure.


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  • Type: Trap--Basic
  • Fuzzles behave like living land mines. They lie in wait wherever Stranger shoots them. NPCs, who are accustomed to seeing the obnoxious critters around trash and what not, will suspect nothing and ignore them. However, when enemies draw near, these aggressive and obedient guys pounce on them, inflicting damage. They are good at creating distractions, or they can by used to send enemies flying off cliffs or into hazards.
  • Enemies become mere chew toys when you unleash a round of Fuzzles on them! Fun and functional, these living land mines will stick to just about anything before ripping an unsuspecting passerby to shreds.
  • A ball of fur and teeth, these angry critters are looking for a fight and Stranger is going to give them one. Fuzzles will lie in wait for enemies to come to them, and then they'll leap out, biting and chewing as the enemy runs around in a panic. Lay them as traps, or fire them directly at your opponents to watch the fur fly.


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  • Wildlife (aka Armadillo)
  • Type: Damage--Special
  • Hits with force of a Stranger "ram," which knocks enemies out and back. It does a great deal of damage to enemies' hit points. Also useful against destructibles.
  • Bam Baby! Bust a gut and bowl them over with this adorable mass of destruction flying at the speed of fright!
  • An armored ball of mass, these creatures are heavy and ready to do some damage. When they curl up, their armor is impregnable, and when they're launched from your crossbow, the target is in for a world of hurt. There are few creatures that can stand up to a flying thudslug.


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  • Wildlife (aka Surge Bug)
  • Type: Damage--Basic
  • A basic ammo type used to agitate enemies and break some destructibles. Medium rate of fire and medium/low range. Knocks enemies unconscious, and kills them after three rounds of being knocked out.
  • Zap, zap, repeat! Nature fights back with a zap. Used repeatedly you'll knock out the toughest outlaw; too many and he's out of commission for good! Charge up the Zappfly and he can also serve as your passport to all things electrical!


  • Type: Activation--Basic
  • When shot at an "activator panel" on a machine, the machine turns on if it is off, and turns off if it's already on. There are many different machines with different effects, but the activator panel remains the same. Activating/deactivating machines can be used to beat enemies or to solve puzzle-type situations. The machine is turned on permanently until destroyed or turned off by Stranger or enemy.


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  • Wildlife (aka Sniper Wasps)
  • Type: Damage
  • One-stop shopping for all your immobilization needs, the silent but deadly Stingbees hit fast, hard, and fatal.
  • Used in Sniper zoom-in mode for a one-shot silent knockout. The Stingbee is gained by the player during the game.
  • Will kill enemies outright without knocking them out.


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  • Wildlife (aka Skunk Bomb)
  • Type: Immobilize
  • The Skunk Bomb renders nearby NPCs helpless, causing them to throw up because of the smell. This allows the player to pass them or kill and bounty them.
  • For the bounty hunter who likes to incapacitate from the inside out, Stunks are the way to go. Nothing immobilizes like projectile vomiting!
  • "Immobilize and gag 'em with Stunks."
  • A single stunk can incapacitate a good number of clustered foes. One whiff of these stinky buggers will make any non-nature-loving creature well up with tears and vomit. Lucky for you, Stranger doesn't seem to mind.


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  • Type: Damage
  • Bats do greater damage to NPCs. Once fired, a countdown starts that will lead to a large explosion. NPCs in the immediate area take damage, as does the player if standing too close. NPCs run away from the counting-down Boombat. The Boombat can also directly hit an NPC, in which case the enemy runs around, wildly trying to shake it off while nearby enemies try to get away before the explosion.
  • Three, two, one... BOOM! Fire off a couple of Boombats and watch frisky outlaws scatter like flies; or hit them directly and watch as they try to shake off the impending "boom." Humor and hurt in one convenient package!
  • "Blast 'em with sticky Boombats."
  • These little critters eat a lot of nitroroot and glyceringrass, making for a very unstable concoction within their little bellies. When riled up, they can explode with the force of a stick of dynamite. These bats are notorious for their explosive behavior, so when you fire one at your enemies, expect them to run for the hills.

Live Ammo Upgrades

Regular ammo does the job, but recent studies have shown that ammo upgrades consistently outperform their average ammo counterparts, exceeding expectations by wreaking extreme havoc on enemies!

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Rabid Fuzzle

An ADD experiment gone awry, the Rabid Fuzzle goes farther and gnaws harder in a fuzzy frenzy that repeatedly takes down whatever has the misfortune of being in the way.

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Howler Punk

Howler Punks make the most of a rare condition called Turret Syndrome... they bellow insults louder, farther, and longer in an audio assault unparalleled by any other ammo!

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Stingbee Blast

Hold down that trigger for hardcore, rapid-fire Stingbee action! Stingbee Blasts offer razor-sharp spikes on top of a burst of power that makes destroying towns and impaling your enemies a breeze!

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Riot Slugs

Riot Slugs are just the ticket for close-range damage! Charging makes them hit hard, and they keep hitting by fragmenting all over the place! Messy, but gooooood!

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Bada Boom

Bada Booms are the queen mother of all ammo! They've got a shorter fuse and five feisty little drones just waiting to fly out, latch onto an outlaw, and cause him some royal pain!

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Implosion Stunkz

Like an unholy magnet of stench, the Implosion Stunkz use their putrid powers to suck in their targets, kicking, screaming, and colliding into a cloud of fetid demise.

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Bolamite Blast

New and improved, genetically altered webs drain the life from one juicy outlaw after another!

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