Oddworld Stranger's Wrath Clakkerz Profile

Get clucky with the fowl that populate some of Oddworld's backwater burgs.


Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

Oddworld's bizarre take on the Wild West will contain a vast and wacky array of denizens, some of whom will rely on the mysterious Stranger for help. The clakkerz are one such group of folk that's constantly beset by those wily outlaws who like to run a-fowl (ha!) of the law. In our ongoing series of spotlights on the strange and wondrous elements of Oddworld, we now take a look at those hapless, flightless townsfolk known as the clakkerz.

The Clakkerz

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It's not certain whether the clakkerz actually located and settled in the Mongo River Valley, or if that is just where their trailers and procreation vehicles broke down. It is widely accepted that their sole contribution to society is to annoy and alienate the other species around them. The clakkerz are monuments of mediocrity. They're content to live out their lives selling goods to locals, swindling wolvarks out of moola, gossiping, and complaining about anyone who isn't just like them.

Character Dossier

Species: Clakkerz. Townsfolk/Settlers.
Occupation: Miners. Retailers. Busybody-nosey-nesting-self- righteous townsfolk.
Favorite Movie: Dial S for Scrambled, One Flew Over the Clakkerz Nest.
Likes: Pok 'n Beans, Kurly Wormz, Sweet Tea, Bingo, Hootenannies.
Dislikes: Being poked, prodded, smacked, pushed, punched, fuzzle-nuzzled, bushwhacked, and other gestures of the unkind sort.
Catch Phrases:
"We don't need no trouble now!"
"He don't look right!"
"I'd get myself a drink a water but I'm too lazy!"
"Sunny Days! Sunny Days!"
Hobbies: Scratchin', yellin', carryin' on, watchin' E! The True Nolybab Story.
Powers: A Southern Mudos hospitality that will leave you feeling like a redheaded stepchild.
Origin: Clakkerz headed west during the expansion period, chasing tales of unlimited treasure and prosperity. Their journey was fraught with the harsh conditions of trail life and chronic apathy. But the opportunistic settlers found their way and nearly decimated a civilization in the process. A pioneering spirit and loyalty to the almighty pecking order have defined their community ever since.

Uncle Turkey Toes

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Fears: Arachnids.
Loathes: Bolamites.
Toes: Rather Turkey-ish.
Enjoys: Pulling and popping the toes of his nieces and nephews.
Occupation: Making sure his nephew opens the gate for Stranger.
Backstory: This guy is deathly afraid of spiders, so you need to plunk some down so he can see they're nothing to be afraid of. Then he'll have his nephew, Billy Boy, open the gate for you so you can get by. He appears in the tutorial level.

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