Oddworld Stranger's Wrath Character Profile #2

We take a look at some of the outlaws that you'll be hunting in Oddworld Inhabitants' upcoming adventure game.


Region 1 - Gizzard Gulch Outlaws

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Name: Boilz Booty
Outlaw Class: Boss
Favorite Ointment: Outlawz Salve and udder softener
Favorite Temperature: 100 degrees C (212 degrees F)
Excuses: It's not a zit, it's an ingrown hair!
Favorite Brother: Blisterz
Likes: When things come to a head
Backstory: Brother of Blisterz Booty. Shoots up the town trying to free his brother, Blisterz, who was captured by Stranger.

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Name:The Looten Duke
Outlaw Class: Boss
Weapon: "Tommy," his trusty Gatling gun
Hat size: Large
Loot size: Large
Perspective: In charge
Favorite Artist: El De Barge
Words to Live By: Blood may be thicker than water, but water's where the moola is at!
Significance to Game: Takes over the water facility outside of town and is charging a neck and a wing for a glass of water.
Backstory: He's the biggest, baddest hombre for miles, and he knows it. With his S22 Gatling gun, he can mow down an entire village of people without even breaking a sweat. Though many follow him, he prefers to fight alone, because he's tough as a coffin nail and loves proving it. One punch from Looten Duke can be a death sentence, so be fast if you come looking for him.

Region Two - Buzzarton

Leaving the Vykker Surgeon's office, Stranger's mind weighs heavy on the proposition and steep price tag just presented to him. "But I need this…to survive," his own words echo in his head. The measly bounties he has been bagging just won't cut it. He needs to go big. He needs to survive. He needs to hunt the ultimate bounty.

In search of this bounty, he heads north up the Mongo river, a region of big skies and even bigger bad guys. He comes to the dry riverbed area of the lower Mongo valley, a parched, desert terrain that fades up to skies of blush and blue. Nothing much survives here but cacti, dandelions, and other heat-tolerant flora. After being mistaken as a security guard, he takes Farmer Beeks's money from the oppel farm and heads for the town of Buzzarton, a dusty clakker community. Clakkerz settled here once the river dried up and the native population dwindled due to the lack of water and fish. Venturing into this area, Stranger will encounter some of those remaining native "grubbs" for the first time. Likewise, his presence will inevitably draw out the local ruffians, including: nailers, shooters, suicide bombers, mortars, shooters with sniper rifles, and hopefully some bigger bounties.

Stranger will have to rely on his physical brawn to take care of the outlaws, as well as some semimoral bartering to get a little moola and favors along the way from the intellectually challenged clakkerz and their multitudinous, cornbread-making, oppel-eating families.

Buzzarton Bounties

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Bounty 1: Jo' Mamma
Outlaw Class: Boss >
Current Occupation: Bounty Boss, Gang Mother
Degree: Mistress of the Excavating Arts
Favorite Depilatory: Chainsaw
Identifying Marks: Repeated kitchen "accidents" melded oven mitt to her right hand.
Slippers: Fuzzy
Face: Fuzzier
Favorite Pastime: Sittin' on the wall, barking orders at her boys over the bullhorn.

Jo' Mamma is a loudmouthed, bad mamma-jamma outlaw boss whose hormones have gone a little off-kilter. She is working with her sons on an excavation project at the old shipwreck just past the sewer. Stranger relies on the hospitality of the clakkerz employed there to get past several obstacles. He has to swim through the stenchy water, through packs of sewer slogs and outlaw shooters, just to get to the shipwreck! It's a bit like going from the frying pan into the fryer, as the ol' saying goes, 'cause Jo' Mamma's got a whole brood of sons protecting her while she operates her favorite piece of machinery: the pile driver. Stranger has got to defeat the rowdy, yet protective group of boys and bag their momma before returning to town.

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Bounty 2: Meagly McGraw
Outlaw Class: Boss
Weapon: Wide-range, double-barreled shotgun
Favorite Activity: Opple cider tasting
Bodyguard: "Tiny," the opple of his squinty eye
Hates Hearing: Go shorty, it's yer birfday!
Significance to Game: He's responsible for raiding the townsfolk and their opple farms.
Backstory: He is well known in outlaw circles as an opple connoisseur. He's a fan of the opple pie, opple cluster, and opple juice. Only thing is that he doesn't much care for the clakkerz that make all these treats. Meagly McGraw is a small guy, the smallest in his family, and he is always accompanied by his much beefier outlaw bodyguard, aptly called Tiny.

He has got a mean case of little-man syndrome, that Meagly McGraw! He has been hiding out in the oppel farm, holding Farmer Beeks's daughters hostage. Should be a fun one, though, using the oppel cider press to juice Meagley's gang. Once Stranger has reduced them to outlaw pulp, he has to avoid getting nailed by Tiny, Meagley's own personal bodyguard who carries Meagley on his back in a mechanical backpack-like contraption. Tiny is a member of the "nailer" class. This class is characterized by huge nails protruding from their fists, and they have a tendency to use those nails in a most inappropriate fashion. After Stranger rescues the flock of clakker gals from their storeroom prison, he can return to town, collect his moola, and have a chat with Eugene.

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Bounty 3: Pack Rat Palooka
Outlaw Class: Boss
Weapon: AS-P5 chain-loading mortar cannon
Occupation: High-stakes thief
Pet Peeves: Dial-up, broken links, tendonitis
Hobbies: Junkyard sculpture, online gambling
Significance to Game: Mr. Palooka isn't a petty thief. He went and took Eugene's laptop. That might not sound like much but that laptop's got all the town's secrets in it. Now Palooka's got the power to shut down the town at his fingertips. Hopefully he knows how to work a computer.
Backstory: Some people enjoy the fresh scent of roses. Not Pack Rat. He loves the stinky smell of junkyard, his hideout. It's not just lootin' and shootin' for him. In his spare time, between robbing the town blind, he moonlights as an artist. He uses the junk in his hideout to create art, like little sculptures and things, but in the end he usually ends up with even more junk.

Darn that Pack Rat Palooka! He done stole Eugene Ius' laptop c'puter! And he's using it to power generators for a magnetic shield! Eugene Ius can't play solitaire, check mortgage rates, and download MP3s, nor can he open the gate out of town without his laptop! Pack Rat and his gang are hiding in the password-protected junkyard. But not to worry, Stranger just needs to have a few words, stranger to outlaw, mano a mano, with Scuz. Scuz is a two-timing, backstabbing outlaw who will, ultimately, give Stranger the password and enable him to cross the bridge to Pack Rat's main hideout. For the record, it's one *#&% of a password! The password is only the first trial, though. Stranger will have to overcome Pack Rat's gang in order to get to the boss. A la Insane Clown Posse, Pack Rat's gang wears silly masks to cover what one can only imagine are sillier faces. Once the posse, er gang, is defeated, and the magnetic shield is demagnetized, Stranger can return the laptop to Eugene.

Buzzarton Outlaw Minions

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Name: Scuz
Outlaw Class: Would-be Boss
Current Occupation: No good, foul-mouthed, double dealin', info-swappin' outlaw
Belly Button Contents: Lint, sewer drippins
Morals: Questionable at best
Secret Weapon: Password to the junkyard
Hates: Censorship, grammar
Backstory: He's a dirty-dealing double agent who will give info about outlaws if he thinks he will benefit from it. He resides in the first portion of the sewer inside the door. Woe is the clacker that falls down there.

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Title: Minion Suicide Bomber
Outlaw Class: Minion
Weapon: H4D explosives strapped to body
Specialty: Suicide bombing
Favorite Saying: "If at first you don't succeed, die, die again."
Future Plans: No comment
Significance to game: These creepy guys get near you and blow themselves up.
Backstory: If you ever hear beeping coming near you quickly, it's time to run. Their bodies are laced with H4D explosives and all they care about is going KAABOOM! There is never a job too dangerous or risky for these little fellows. They get this crazy look in their eyes, like they'll do just about anything for a thrill. But if you ever get close enough to look in their eyes, you'll probably be dead.

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Title:Minion Mortar
Outlaw Class: Minion
Weapon: Long-range, arcing mortar cannon
Specialty: Launching mortars
Enjoys: Explosive bodily functions
Avoids: Interpersonal contact, team sports
Member: Association of Neurotic Antisocial Laborers
Significance to Game: They keep a distance but get you with mortar fire.
Backstory: The mortars are recluses, and they only come out to fire their cannons. These guys never get too close to the battlefield; they stay away as long as possible and bombard you from a distance with mortar fire. These crazy outlaws have mortar tubes strapped to their back, which they use to bomb people at a distance. Though their bombs can hurt, it takes a while for them to reach their target.

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Title: Minion Cyborg Flamethrower
Outlaw Class: Minion
Likes: Playing with matches
Dislikes: Flame-retardant jammies
Favorite Song: Dust in the Wind
Favorite Foods: Charred, Cajun
Backstory: They are Pack Rat Palooka's premier henchmen--cybernetic outlaws built to be stronger, meaner than the average schmo.

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Title: Minion Nailer
Outlaw Class: Minion
Weapon: Deadly spiked brass knuckles
Specialty: Nailing
Strength: Packs more heat from nail to knuckle than you care to know about.
Hobbies: Workin' it, workin' out
Dirty Little Habit: Nail biting
Backstory: Scary. These guys are huge but slow. And when their swings connect with you, oh man does it hurt. They've been known to smack down anybody in their way in one punch. They're the big muscle and use intimidation to get what they want. Twice as big as other minions.

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