Oddworld Inhabitants Chat Transcript Online

Read the transcript of PlanetXbox's chat with Oddworld Inhabitants' Lorne Lanning as he discusses Munch's Odyssey and beyond.


PlanetXbox.com recently held a developer chat with Lorne Lanning, president and cofounder of Oddworld Inhabitants. The focus of the chat was the company's recent announcement that it will develop Oddworld: Munch's Odyssey, as well as several subsequent Oddworld games, exclusively for the Microsoft Xbox console.

"Our game will be released in the year 2001, and our technological infrastructure [software engine] needs to be designed to expand over the next entire generation of consoles. That means at least five to six years," said Lanning, when asked about the company's decision to switch consoles in mid-development. "When working with the PS2, we felt that it would shortly be eclipsed by more powerful systems like the Xbox and even the PC. This was very distressful for us to know that we would be building a game that, image-wise, would be subpar to today's best [PC game]. The Xbox was much more powerful, much faster, and much more intelligently designed as a piece of hardware."

Lorne further talked about the music in Munch's Odyssey and other game details, the inspirations behind the Oddworld series, and more. Read the entire transcript of the Oddworld Inhabitants developer chat at PlanetXbox.

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