Oddworld compilation hits PCs this month

Oddboxx marks multiplatform debut for series' Xbox-exclusive Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath; four-game collection being released on Steam with unspecified enhancements.


Oddworld Inhabitants games are about to get a little more common. The company has announced the Oddboxx, a PC compilation of all four of its previously released games.

The Oddworld oeuvre hits Steam this month.
The Oddworld oeuvre hits Steam this month.

Set for release by the end of the year on Steam, the Oddboxx will include a pair of games previously released on the PC--Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus--as well as the developer's two original Xbox exclusives, Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath. The package will also include "a few new additions and enhancements," though Oddworld Inhabitants hasn't indicated just what those will be. Despite the name, the Oddboxx is not planned to see a retail release.

The Oddboxx will mark the first multiplatform launch for Stranger's Wrath, but the first- and third-person shooter was already headed to new territory. In September, developer Just Add Water announced that it was working on an updated version of the game for the PlayStation 3, complete with support for the Move motion-sensing controller. That project is set for release around Easter of next year.

The Oddworld series was first launched in 1997 and is best known for its juvenile sense of humor, socially conscious themes, and platforming gameplay. Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus were released on the PlayStation and PC, and in 2000, the studio signed a deal with Microsoft to publish titles exclusively for the Xbox. Oddworld produced Munch's Oddysee as a launch title, but the partnership with the console maker dissolved before Stranger's Wrath was finished. Electronic Arts picked the game up in 2004 as part of its EA Partners program and launched it the next year, but Oddworld Inhabitants confirmed its withdrawal from game development soon thereafter.

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Avatar image for Hate_Squad

wow,thats is awesome

Avatar image for yeebsey

i would love oddworld inhabitants to make a comeback to the gaming world. i think there is still a lot of potential in the oddworld series and it would be great to see abe again

Avatar image for alanandooa

As an old Oddworld fan Strangers Wrath does nothing for me. It just looks like any other shoot em up game. If I wanted a shoot em up game I would buy Call Of Duty Black Ops

Avatar image for shansss123

fantastic go pc

Avatar image for damaster101

abes exoddus is one of the best games ever made.

Avatar image for LordShoot2Kill

Ok awesome, I'm getting it. And hey, more companies should totally release console classics on PC via Steam, so many people will buy these. I want Crash Team Racing HD please, with online and everything, that would actually be insane!!!

Avatar image for eriktkire

Stranger's Wrath on PC... about F***** time

Avatar image for SPBoss

Oddworld on pc @1080p?! Pure AWESOME :D

Avatar image for Samgaspar

uUUUuuu :D

Avatar image for BloodMist

This is the best, most unexpected news I've heard in some time.

Avatar image for Ugly_Geezer

Really happy these guys are back in the game, one of my favourite developers :)

Avatar image for suko1983

Oddworld 1 & 2, great games and history, the best games for PlayStation 1.

Avatar image for biokrysty

can't wait to play on pc

Avatar image for DonBaser


Avatar image for zzamaro

oddworld is awesome

Avatar image for Fusionmix

Getting this.

Avatar image for Xplode_77

I have an unopened copy of Abe's Exoddusfor the PS1, but I don't want to open it to see how it is :\

Avatar image for daveversion1

Finally! :)

Avatar image for Ladiesman17

looks awesome!! :)

Avatar image for hellwisp

I have allways wanted to play the other two games. Fu.. yeah!

Avatar image for arashxMYM

ilove oddworld cant wait

Avatar image for iwilson1296

only on steam, well that blows as usual

Avatar image for AdamProject


Avatar image for DrAmazinDood


Avatar image for Wolf-5

Awesome!! I have Strangers wrath, but it's the only xbox game I have out a about 20 I can't play on my 360 since its one of the many games the backwards cmopatabilty doesn't support. :(

Avatar image for PcGamingRig

never played Strangers Wrath & i loved the Abe games, buying it.

Avatar image for SicklySunStorm

Bestest. News. Ever :D

Avatar image for Quadster

I was beginning to wonder when this was gonna be announced, i loved playing Munchs' Oddysey on my Xbox, but it wasn't BW compatible with UK 360s at the time when i had it, oh well....atleast i can no matter what hardware i have in my PC I will probably buy as long as it's a fair price

Avatar image for DrMatta

I'm buying 10 copies.

Avatar image for JiGSaW918

munch's odyssey ftw!!!! why not make a second one!??!?! please :)

Avatar image for hahamanin

Oddboxx......at least they did something positive like the valve guys did==Orange box........but wht bout the xbox 360??

Avatar image for Wombaggins

Abe's Odyssey was the first game I ever played. It's what got me into gaming. I love the series and hope they come out with another game soon.

Avatar image for domot

Abes exoddus was my first ever game

Avatar image for singhellotaku

awesome I'll have to buy it

Avatar image for blackace

This needs to come to the XBox 360. I'd love to have all 4 games in a compilation. EA needs to make this happen, since they are already bringing Strangers Wrath to PS3. I already own all 3 games, but I have to dig out Abe's Oddysee, Abe's Exodus and Munch's Oddysee. Stranger's Wrath won't even play on the XBox 360. I'm not pulling out my XBox just for one game.

Avatar image for koospetoors

Loved playing these games back in the day, definitely getting it the moment it hits steam.

Avatar image for Talldude80

sounds awesome. Hopefully its reasonably priced, since all 4 games are VERY old. I have an Xbox, a ps1, and a psp, so its not like I cant buy versions of the game individually, but on the PC would be nice.

Avatar image for chronolzx

no stupid drm please!

Avatar image for PatchMaster

Time to finally try these out :)

Avatar image for PseudoElite

I'm excited, but I hope it's reasonably priced.

Avatar image for UnknownElement4

This is so sweet. I remember playing these games back in the day.

Avatar image for macca366

I'll have to pass on this seeing as I've played through them all, still own the physical copies and have a fresh memory of each. Munch's Oddysee was a weak game, in my opinion. But Stranger's Wrath was great, completely redeemed the franchise for me, and made me disappointed to hear that they'd ceased video game development. I thought they were working on a CGI movie last I heard.. What are you up to OI?

Avatar image for feirlessleider

I had so much fun with these when I was younger. I can't wait to play them again!

Avatar image for ichc1000x

Badass. :D

Avatar image for Emerald_Warrior

Nice. I can't wait.

Avatar image for sniper2k0

Finished Abe Odd & Exo on the PS years ago. Ok Abe, fart like you mean it! prrrrrtttt

Avatar image for keech

Very cool. Always had a soft spot for the Oddworld games. To get all of them again in one package will be nice. Would love to see this spark more interest in the series, and maybe give it the push it needs to make another one. Even if it would probably be a different developer.

Avatar image for Jipset

I've always wanted to try Oddworld, so this is awesome. :D

Avatar image for psx_warrior

"High Abe," BOOM!!! My girlfriend and I loved killing the other odd world inhabitants in creative ways. We got such a laugh out of it. Gonna get the whole thing when it hits Steam.

Avatar image for Viral-venom13

I'd really like to see Lanning's team continue the development of the game they had scrapped that would've starred the 1 called "Fangus Klot," i was really looking forward 2 that game!! :(

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